Man With A Van Glasgow


Examples of types of work undertaked

Student flat moves.

These moves are normally small involving little in the way of furniture. Man With A Van Glasgow can take care of this much cheaper than a removals company and cheaper even than van hire. Often students will have the stuff downstairs already bringing the price right down and leaving money for a beer at the end of the move.

Tenement flat move.

Tap dancer to tap dancer. We are no stranger to this. Fear not we can go up and down as many stairs as needs be and make what previously seemed and ordeal something with rather more appeal.

Large heavy items.

Couches, Giant wardrobes, washing machines, Man with a van Glasgow has moved them all. If it fits in your house we can move it for you. You needn’t break your back or the bank.

Full Removals.

On larger jobs we can come out and give you a quote, and beat the socks of a big removals company. All from your friendly local van man.